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Aircraft Services


North Country Aviation Services is a full service nose-to-tail aircraft maintenance facility. Our staff performs all phases of aircraft maintenance and inspections with the utmost quality and in the most cost effective way reasonable. All mechanics are FAA licensed A&P’s and actively part of our FAA approved drug & alcohol program. Below you will find some of the tasks we perform…feel free to contact us with any issues / questions you may have.

  • 2 year VFR / IFR (Pitot/Static & Transponder) certifications (FAR 91.411 & 91.413)
  • Pitot/Static system troubleshooting, fault isolation and repair
  • Transponder, encoder with / without ADS-B system troubleshooting, fault isolation and repair
  • On call 24/7 your site or ours
  • Annual, 50 &100 hr inspections
  • Piston & turbine engine maintenance
  • Landing gear repair, re-pack & rigging
  • Flight control repair & rigging
  • Authorized distributor & installer for PWI (Precision Winding Inc) overhead LED lighting retrofit on Beechcraft King Air 300 & 350 series aircraft (approved STC); King Air 90-200 series (STC pending)
  • Wet wing and bladder type fuel tank / cell repair
  • Authorized distributor and installer for Electronics International (E.I.), JPI engine monitoring and instrumentation systems
  • Complete aircraft engine / propeller overhauls on Lycoming & Continental engines to meet “new” specs.
  • Service bulletin compliance
  • Authorized Service Center for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)
  • Aircraft surveys
  • On-call airline maintenance at KITH, KELM, KSYR and KAVP.

Mitsubishi MU-2 series * Beechcraft (including kingair series) * Piper * Cessna * Cirrus * Maule * Bellanca * Dehaviland * Rockwell * Robinson

And the list goes on


Aircraft Inspections

  • Annual inspections
  • 50 / 100 hr inspections
  • Condition inspections
  • Progressive inspections
  • AAIP program inspections
  • Pre-buy inspections  is a highly recommended analysis prior to purchasing your new airplane. Let us do a thorough pre-buy that is customized to your desires and gives you the information needed to make a better informed decision.
  • Aircraft surveys are normally conducted to determine an aircraft general condition and an evaluation of equipment installed, aircraft, engine & prop logbooks and the appropriate equipment list. These are normally accomplished for the purpose of financing / re-financing

Aircraft Electronic Ignition System

Finally, a drastically improved ignition system breaking the 60 year old antiquated magneto barrier. And North Country Aviation Services has been named as one of the few factory authorized dealers for the FAA approved  & STC’d  Engine Electronic Ignition System manufactured by Electroair Inc. This system is approved for installation on most aircraft engines. Upgrading to an electronic ignition system has some fantastic benefits, including:

  • Increased fuel efficiency by 10-15%.
  • Increased cylinder operating efficiency at altitude. This works by sensing manifold pressure and making timing corrections with changing outside ambient air pressure.
  • Smoother engine operation
  • Better hot and cold starting performance at varying field elevations
  • Hotter spark by use the use of individual cylinder coil packs putting out 70,000 volts through approx. 20 deg of crankshaft rotation verses 12,000 volts through approx. 5 deg of C/S rotation
  • Increased ignition system reliability due to the solid state construction.
  • Over a 99% positive feedback from customers who have installed this system
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced mechanical load on the engine

Call (607) 481-0995 for your quote, applicability, any questions you may have or just to chat. 


Engine Data Monitoring Systems

EDM systems are an extremely useful tool in the troubleshooting of your engines performance or lack thereof. Regardless of which system manufacturer you choose, it is highly recommended that at least s basic system be installed which would monitor CHT & EGT on all cylinders. That normally leaves several open channels to expand into later on down the road such as manifold pressure (MAP), fuel flow (F/F), oil pressure and / or temp, and in some cases fuel quantity (F/Q).

These systems allows the operator to monitor, in real time, the overall performance of the engine and to make adjustments as desired regardless of whether you are a ROP or LOP kinda person. Depending on the factory installed gauges, at the very least,

The benefits of a basic engine data monitoring system does not end with the operator. More often than not, considerable time can be saved in the event of even a minor hiccup with the engine by the mechanic analyzing the downloaded data from the monitoring system. A couple of things that can be analyzed, with even a basic install, are temps and specific phases of flight where they occur therefore saving costly troubleshooting labor time. It can also be used to possibly anticipate looming issues that go undetected by the operator by periodically downloading and analyzing the data.

North Country Aviation Services is a factory authorized dealer / installer for J.P.I., Electronics int’l (E.I.)  and Xerion Avionics.


Hydrosorb Shock Bungee Replacement

Keeping your limbs out of harms way by reloading your own hydrasorb shock cords, and getting them installed correctly,sounds easier than it really is. Let our staff do them for you as we have the proper tooling and knowledge to do them safely, correctly and in a timely manner. In most cases we can also rebuild / repair the shock actuator itself


Fuel Tank & Cell Repair

Fuel leaks on a wet wing aircraft can be particularly troublesome. By just piece mealing and patch sealing the trouble area, the problem is often not fixed and, in some cases, is actually made worse. To avoid this problem, we utilize a three step process that results in a leak-free fuel tank. Aircraft with fuel bladders are also a specialty and easily replaced as well as any needed structural repairs made such as cracks, protruding and / or loose rivets. Make us your one stop shop for all your fuel leak issues.


Aviation Consulting

  • FAA regulatory compliance
  • Aviation business development consulting (Part 135 & Part 121)
  • Aircraft pre-purchase/lease return inspections
  • Aircraft lease or purchase agreements
  • Aircraft maintenance management programs