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Appareo Systems LLC  featuring Stratus ADS-B

Guardian Avionics

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Freeflight Systems

E.L.T. Technologies

Electroair (engine electronic ignition)

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Electronics International engine monitoring systems


FAA Certified Repair Station 2NIR157C

Welcome to North Country Aviation Services Avionics located in the southern tier of New York.

A few of our avionics services:

  • ADS-B out / in installations and service
  • Transponders / Encoders
  • nav/ comm
  • VOR / ILS
  • Marker beacon
  • GPS
  • 406 MHZ ELT installations by Emerging lifesaving technologies
  • Engine data monitor systems sales, installation & service
  • STC approved engine Electronic ignition system
  • Compliance with NAVWORX ADS-B installation AD 2017-11-11




Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast

North Country Aviation Services has been hand selected to be the areas authorized dealer / installer for Appareo Systems LLC featuring the highly celebrated, & affordable, Stratus ESG ADS-B out / in system that meets / exceeds the FAA’s ADS-B January 1, 2020 compliance deadline.


It is our opinion that the Stratus ESGI ADS-B out / in system is the best on the market. It is the most complete, self contained ADS-B package at an affordable price tag of $3495.00

And now introducing the Stratus ES, which is the same as the Stratus ESG without the internal GPS / WAAS as it interfaces with Garmin 430, 530, 650 & 750 GPS / WAAS and certain Avidyne systems. (Stratus ES FAA certification expected anytime)

In addition, the Stratus ESG is one of few FAA approved ADS-B systems

The Stratus ESGI (ADS-B out & In) comes complete with a state of the art new digital transponder, 2I interface unit (similar to the popular 2S portable) and its own GPS antenna


Engine Data Monitoring Systems

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of even a basic engine data monitoring (EDM) system that displays Cylinder Head Temperatures (CHT) & Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) for all cylinders at a minimum. We have encountered several aircraft with either no or an insufficient number of cylinders being monitored i.e. factory installed single cylinder monitoring for CHT and / or EGT. While this is better than nothing, best case is it gives you a general idea of how the engine is running ASSUMING the other unmonitored cylinders are running the same as the monitored one. While monitoring EGT is not as critical to monitor, it comes standard with most monitoring systems. It is our opinion that CHT’s are the most critical to monitor on ALL cylinders. Simply put, CHT can be viewed as cylinder wear. The higher the cht, the higher the wear rate to that cylinder whereas EGT can be viewed as the amount of wasted power in the form of  incomplete or un-burned gasses as EGT increases. Always follow the engine manufactures published / recommended temperature limits.

EDM’s come in all flavors & sizes to fit most anybody’s needs and wallets. Our preferred recommendation is Electronics International as they make very good units and have excellent customer service. They have everything from single purpose indicators such as the US-8A CHT & EGT monitoring (16 channels) to essentially a full service monitoring system like the CGR-30 series which can monitor virtually everything you could think of. Since it is STC primary, it can replace many of the existing steam gauges you may currently have freeing up your panel for other uses.