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GSE Services

Welcome to North Country Aviation Services Ground support equipment (GSE) maintenance services where quality and safety is of the utmost priority. We have outlined the basic services below but give us a call so that we can help to customize the plan (s) that fit your needs.

The different phases of GSE maintenance are outlined below but any of these can be customized to meet the customers needs.

  • Planned maintenance (PM)  is described as any maintenance performed on a scheduled basis such as hourly, calendar or “per use” cycle.
  • Zero-time overhauls  are overhauls on GSE that includes the replacement of all components including wiring, electrical components ie…relays, switches etc…, brake rotors, lines, engine (s) transmission etc…. with either new or newly overhauled components. The existing frame, chassis and / or cab is repaired as required, stripped, sandblasted, prepped, primed and painted from the ground up just like a brand new unit.
  • Refurbishments  are a form of overhaul where the piece of GSE is thoroughly inspected and tested and the defective items are replaced with either new or newly overhauled components.
  • Electrical overhauls  are focused on the units electrical system where all wiring and electrical components are removed and replaced with new including wiring, light sockets, alternator, ignition module, voltage regulator, relays switches etc…This type of overhaul was put together by North Country Aviation Services to meet the needs of customers with older units that have repeat electrical issues. This has proven to be an astounding success as it is more economical than performing a more major overhaul. Once the wiring gets to an age of failure, it normally will only get worse as time goes by.

Some of the units we service are GPU’s, beltloaders, tugs, lav carts, airconditioning / heat carts, air start units, PCA-GPU’s, manufacturers include, but not limited to, TLD, tug, wollard, trump etc…